Hunting Prices

Management Bucks      
Score Deer Only Deer and 2 nights Deer and 3 nights
Level 1* $850 $1,500 $1,900
Level 2** $1,950 $2,850 $3,100
Trophy Bucks      
Score Deer Only Deer and 2 nights Deer and 3 nights
130 to 139 B&C $3,250 $4,200 $4,450
140 to 149 B&C $4,550 $5,500 $5,750
150 to 159 B&C $6,350 $7,250 $7,500
160 to 169 B&C $7,700 $8,600 $8,850
170 to higher B&C Please call for pricing

*Level 1 – Bucks 6 points or less, older bucks, bucks with B&C score of less than 110.

**Level 2 – Generally mature bucks scoring 111 to 129 B&C.

Additional information

Does are $250 each. Does and hogs are included after the harvest of buck in all trophy hunts. Non-hunting guests are $150 per day. A deposit of $500 is required to book hunt and the remainder is due one (1) month prior to hunt or upon arrival in cash. All hunts are guided. Guides can attempt to score on the hoof but fees are based on measured gross B&C score. In all hunts, if a hunter is not presented with reasonable shot at the hunt booked, only the lodging and guide fee is assessed. A non-refundable $500 dollar charge is assessed when a hunter has a reasonable shot and chooses not to shoot or misses the shot. This fee may be applied to a deer taken later in the hunt or forfeited if no deer is taken. Any blood drawn is a harvested deer. All efforts will be exhausted to find wounded deer and if a tracking dog is used a $200 fee is applied.

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